Our Founder

Founded by IIT and IIM graduates, Our team is committed to revolutionizing fashion industry without changing individual's fashion preference.

Radhika Goyal, Founder & CEO, IIM-Ahmedabad

Threading into sustainable fashion has been a dream for Radhika Goyal, Founder, Handme. A social entrepreneur and a fashion enthusiast, Radhika has a sound knowledge of the fashion industry. Determined to take fashion to the next level with the highest ethical practices and environmental standards, her vision and resolve shows in her dedication to her fashion brand. It is her commitment and enthusiasm that enabled Radhika to pursue her MBA studies with a baby in her arms. And since then there has been no looking behind. 

An alumnus of IIM-Ahmedabad, the self-motivated Handme founder has a rich corporate experience of over 10 years to add to her credentials’ hat. It was during her MBA programme when she was working on a sustainability project that she recognized her true calling. The project brought out nuances of the fashion industry where Radhika realized that the fashion industry was largely contributing to the environmental damage. Without wasting any time, she identified the gaps and initiated further research on the fashion supply chain, exploring sustainability concepts, studying the various policies and practices, etc to dig deeper into the gaps. At this juncture, she felt the need of giving her passion and dream a definitive shape. That’s when she conceptualized her brand Handme with the intent of launching an eco-friendly and sustainable global fashion brand. 

Radhika believes in designing a participative approach where people willingly engage in weaving into a sustainable approach towards fashion without altering their buying preferences. Creating pathways that can seamlessly build on revamping the fast fashion attitude into sensible and sustainable fashion.
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