Are you scouting for trendy sustainable clothes? You’ve arrived at the perfect shopping junction that can bring out the happiest colors in you! Do you want to know what’s in vogue? We welcome you to our world of responsible retailing.

Refresh your wardrobe the green way

Our extensive collection of the latest ensembles enables you to redefine the ‘shape of you’ beyond consumerism. Would you like to invest in cleaner closets?


Did you know that the fashion footprint has been becoming a global concern? Not all labels will tell you how much water, energy or the raw material is consumed in rolling out those fashionable clothes. While there are a plethora of stores that can add to your trendy wardrobe, what about embracing a sustainable approach towards fashion wear?

  • Handme is a holistic online store offering a string of comfortable women's wear. You can find both contemporary as well as traditional ensembles for every occasion. There are myriad options in our list of contemporary apparel that seamlessly blend the best of modern and ethnic wear. 
  • Our innovative clothesline is eco-friendly and custom-made for women of the era. We prioritize quality and aim at rolling out premium designs tailored with nature-origin fabric. Sustainable and naturally derived, you can shop women’s outfits made of organic cotton, linen, pure cotton, silk, modal, muslin, viscose, etc.
  • Our team of experienced professionals handpick only natural and regenerated fibres from top-rated fabric supplies all over India. Synthetic fibre is not just unfriendly for your skin, especially when worn for long hours but also is not an eco-friendly option. You may find a score of synthetic fibres in the market as they are relatively cheap, stain-resistant and water-resistant too.
  • At Handme, we prioritise natural fibres as they do not use any chemicals in their production process. They are breathable, have an affinity for water and are much more durable than their synthetic variants. Our clothes are all-weather, eco-friendly and can be worn with great comfort even in hot and humid tropical weather.
  • At Handme, our clothes are tailored beyond fashion and comfort. Here, you can contribute to the ethical fashion revolution by simply joining our Buy-back initiative. All you need is to hand over your old and used clothes from our store to make your contribution to sustainable fashion.
  • Handpick any style that resonates with your fashion calling

Be it for your friend’s wedding, an office party or a casual occasion, you can dress in chic clothes anytime. You’ll never fall short of options, be it any season or occasion with Handme’s exclusive collection. From suit sets, kurta sets to dresses of all categories we have a multitude of styles to cherry-pick from. 

Our extensive catalogue comprises all styles of dresses, midis, maxi, jumpsuits, long and short skirts, tops and tees, semi-formal shirts, casual and formal trousers among many more. You can shop for the latest upmarket designs around the year at our one-stop. Jumpsuits, tops, blazers, trousers and an array of other outfits, you can check out our exclusive catalogue to find the latest women’s attire.

Cotton Kurtas and suit sets, silk and georgette dupattas, finding a suit sets of your choice isn’t difficult. The filter option allows you to refine your search. You can easily find a variety of designs, patterns, fabric and silhouette. Finding an outfit of your size is never challenging at Handme.

We have colourful dresses in different styles, patterns and stitches. Be it for spring, summers or autumn; you can find a perfectly fitted dress of a preferable material at our store.  

Make a millennial fashion statement with sustainable Handme clothing

As the iconic Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace said, “Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live."; it’s time we take fashion beyond clothes and see it as our way of life. It’s time to contribute to minimizing eco-footprint in fashion.

In a world of depleting resources, a sustainable approach to fashion cannot be overlooked. Even though the concept of fast fashion is putting our Earth at risk, we believe that this gap can be resolved by revamping the supply chain with a sustainable outlook. Here’s how we go about it!

  • At Handme, we prioritize optimum utilization of resources involved in the production process. This is done with an effort to minimize wastage throughout the entire process. Our apparel designs and their make symbolize sustainability and zero wastage. Our creative seamsters use innovative methods to ensure the least wastage in the tailoring process. Cutting the fabric into various patterns and designs can amount to a lot of wastage. At Handme, our experienced and skilled team are trained to minimize the cuttings waste.  

  • With a sustainable and eco-friendly focused production chain, we make sure that every dress designed under our label is created with minimum pre-consumer and post-consumer waste. Pre-consumer waste is minimized at the production level, while post-consumer waste can be reduced by recycling and upcycling the used clothes.
  • We have devised an innovative method where any deadstock fabric is used for making elegant accessories. What’s better? You can style your hair with your choicest dress for free! Add your unique Handme dress to the cart, and we’ll ship you a matching accessory e.g. hairband, hand-band, potli bag, keychain, bookmarks etc. without any extra charges. These freebie are made of pre-consumer cutting waste minimizing carbon footprints on the Earth.