Co-ord Set Fashion Tips

How do you balance comfort and style in one look? With co-ord sets, of course! Co-ord sets have been around for decades, but they have recently made their return to the fashion scene with a few new tricks up their sleeve. A co-ord set doesn’t have to be just two items, it can also be three or more! The trick to making this work is to keep all of the pieces in the same color family, but it’s perfectly acceptable to mix textures or patterns within that color palette as well.

Cool Waters Summer Trail Coord Set

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Wearing comfy clothes can be sultry

Many people see clothes as a way to express themselves, so they dress in clothes that either fit their personality or represent their view of how they would like to be perceived. Comfortable clothing, on the other hand, often has no such purpose and is instead worn simply because it is comfy. Don’t let that stop you from looking sexy! There are plenty of outfits that can make you look sultry while still being comfortable and cozy.

If you’re new to wearing co-ords (short for coordinate), take a look at these tips and find out how to make them work for your body type . They can look great with any outfit. They pair well with pencil skirts, loose pants, flowy skirts, bootcut jeans, skinnies/skinny jeans etc... Another thing worth mentioning is comfort levels when you're shopping for co-ords. Make sure what you buy feels good on your skin - soft fabrics go a long way toward achieving ultimate comfort & sultry appeal!

 Camouflage Co-ord Set

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Wear your co-ord set with heels

The first mistake that women make is to wear their co-ord set with flats, as they’re not as comfortable as heels. While a flat can look professional and even pretty, it doesn’t really draw attention to your best assets. If you want to look sexy and sultry, wear your co-ords with a pair of heels. Also keep in mind that these should be heeled pumps or stilettos – anything else would take away from your overall outfit.

You don’t want people staring at your shoes; you want them gawking at your legs. It will also be more comfortable for walking around all day, which anyone who has ever worn heels before knows is definitely worth it! A word of caution: Do NOT go overboard on height! Women have been known to throw out their backs trying to outdo each other in height wars. Stick to no higher than 3 inches maximum so that you don’t hurt yourself or ruin an otherwise great outfit!

Biscotti Crisp Co-ord Set

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Wear your co-ord set on vacation

If you’re headed on a vacation, wear your co-ord set for an easy way to stay comfortable and looking stylish. A co-ord set is not only easy to wear, but you can easily mix and match clothing pieces within it; be sure to try several different combinations of tops and bottoms before you go. The loose style of a co-ord set makes it ideal for casual vacations like beach getaways or camping trips, too.

Once you figure out what styles of shirts and pants work well together (and which ones don’t), try wearing a co-ord set for any other activities that require comfort but still look stylish. Think about pairing shorts with an off-the-shoulder top when spending time in your backyard, for example. Then, whenever you need to dress up but want to feel more relaxed about it, reach for a comfy co-ord set.

No matter how you choose to wear them while away from home, everyone will think you've made a great choice in traveling outfits when you arrive at your destination! You'll have everyone admiring how much thought you put into planning ahead for your holiday travel outfit.

Woodland Carnival Three-set Co-ord

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Final Words

Co-ord sets are a stylish way to look put together while being comfortable. They're perfect for all occasions and can easily be combined with many different types of clothing. No matter what kind of outfit you have in mind, there is a co-ord set that will fit your needs! Comfortable, sultry co-ords should be a part of every woman's wardrobe. There are so many amazing outfits you can create from these easy pieces—the sky's really the limit when it comes to co-ords!

 Medieval Blaze Co-ord Set

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