Buy-back Initiative



Have you ever wondered what happen to our old clothes after we discard them?

They are simply disposed to landfills where it takes millions of years to decompose them causing millions of tonnes of pollution to environment. No wonder that's why fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world.

Handme, a sustainable fashion brand, trying to solve this problem without asking you to change your fashion taste and preference. How cool is that!

When we get bored of old clothes, we keep buying new clothes but we don’t know what to do with heap of old clothes.

At Handme, we can curate our wardrobe absolutely guilt-free! With innovative buy-back concept, customers can choose to return old Handme brand clothes hassle free and enjoy payback as well. Yes, you heard it right!! All the returned clothes at Handme are recycled or upcycled to ensure no pollution to environment. Isn’t it a win-win situation for customers where we can get incentivised for making contribution to environment!

Indulge in a responsible fashion

  • Since all Handme clothes are made of premium quality natural fabrics, these are highly durable and comfortable to wear for years to come. 
  • However, if you are bored of wearing it for a longer time. Sit-back, return your clothes guilt-free and earn payback as well. On the other side, we will ensure proper recycling or upcycling of all these clothes.

    Optional Buy-back Process

    • At Handme, you can conveniently hand over your used clothes anywhere between 6 months to 1 year of usage and earn a lucrative 10% payback amount of the purchased value.
    • Could you imagine how just a step towards sustainable fashion could become so lucrative? A reward against cast-off and outdated clothes from Handme is undoubtedly a clear win-win for you. 
    • We believe that every fibre matters. Like we source all our natural fabric from reliable suppliers across India, we ensure that every garment is recycled with cutting-edge technology. 

    • Instead of hoarding or trashing unused clothes, you can bestow a new lease of life with our Buy-back initiative. Fashion is not about ‘skin to bin’; instead, we urge our customers to loop the loop with our sustainable industry initiative that puts the slightest pressure on our mother earth.  

    Other Advantages

    • Our cent per cent eco-friendly recycling process aims at eliminating the use of chemicals in upcycling used clothes. The use of natural fibre makes it simpler. Our clothes’ natural composition, free of artificial dyes, chemical finishes, eliminates toxicity from the process, making recycling a less complex process. 
    • At Handme, we ensure that every fabric is individually sourced and handpicked from trusted natural fabric suppliers across India. Stylish, biodegradable, zero-synthetic usage, and recyclable, our apparel enables you to walk your ramp of life with panache. 

    As a responsible fashion retailer, we wish to walk an extra mile than just emerging as the highest-selling brand. And this is possible only with our conscious customers willing to make fashion wear sustainable by responsibly replacing fashion wear hanging in your closet. Resolve to make a change with the lucrative Buy-back fashion scheme now!