Your Eco Friendly Guide to the Festive Season

Your Eco Friendly Guide to the Festive Season

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are approaching faster than you might think, and it’s time to start planning your holiday fashion ensemble. This year, why not think eco-friendly? The festive season is the perfect time to go green with fashion choices that will look stylish and help protect the environment at the same time. Whether you’re looking for gifts or shopping for yourself, here are some pointers while choosing eco-friendly outfits this season.

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This season has seen an increase in popularity for sustainable fashion. Sustainable fashion focuses on creating clothes that are eco-friendly. The benefit of buying sustainable clothes is that you are helping to reduce pollution and conserve natural resources, while also reducing your own carbon footprint. When shopping for your festive attire make sure you look out for labels which indicate whether something is made using sustainable methods or not.

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The eco-friendly side of things can be summed up by saying you want what’s trendy without being harmful for mother earth. If that means choosing an animal friendly leather handbag instead of a faux fur one, then so be it. Choosing organic over non-organic food is also an option if you are worried about pesticides contaminating your food supply. The idea is not to compromise on style and taste but rather make choices that don’t harm anyone in any way and ideally help those who need it most.

For example, donating your clothing to those who could really use them or recycling as much as possible instead of throwing away or burning trash. While other businesses might consider these decisions non-essential you should take pride in knowing they will ultimately help others while maintaining your ideal style too.

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Final thought

Let’s start our eco-friendly festive season by keeping in mind that sustainability and trendy fashion aren’t mutually exclusive concepts. In fact, making small changes will give your outfit a great look while not taking a toll on Earth.  Let’s go  eco friendly without compromising style.

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