The Ultimate Dress Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Attire for a wedding!

The Ultimate Dress Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Attire for a wedding!



Think about one of the most wonderful days of your life, your best friend’s  wedding day!

Now, you may have been thinking and planning and looking at millions of pictures online imagining your perfect dress for the wedding. Sure you might have taken a lot of effort to plan various activities and dances for the bridesmaids.

Nothing brings more joy and warmth than seeing your best friend getting married to the man of her dreams! Shopping for the perfect wedding dress can be stressful when you want everything to be picture perfect. But it's no biggie, we are here to help you out. This blog will lead you to the list of things you should consider before buying a perfect dress for your bestie’s big day!
So, let's get started without any delay!

Winter Wedding Dress Insights:

For all the winter bridesmaids out there, snuggle up and get your coffee because we are gonna dive deep into the wonderland of winter fashion! With the wedding season and winter in the mix, it offers such a tapestry to weave your winter dress dreams!

Fabrics:  What a joy it is to witness the commitment of your best friend to her partner in the winter! But, no one wants a chilly bridesmaid. So, when choosing your perfect bridesmaid dress, make sure to check the fabric is plush, warm and luxurious. Velvets and heavy satins are your go to friends here, offering both insulation and a royal look! It will leave you feeling like a winter queen-gorgeous, and most importantly, friendly!

Color Trends: Winter brings along with it, the one colorful palette that is trendy, beautiful and bold just as any winter bridesmaid should be- comfy yet elegant!

While the classic off whites and pastels are timeless, don't shy away from bright bold colors of purple, navy blue and the ever loved red!

Imagine stepping out in a deep red lehenga with delicate and intricate thread work, weaved with shiny silver and gold rose mirror work with elegant laces in the mix! The winter season gives you colors that embody the richness and depth of this wedding season adding a splash of magic to your already magical day!

Accessories: Now let's talk accessories! Winter weddings are the perfect time to glam up with some dazzling yet elegant accessories. While you have already scrolled through a million pictures of the Bollywood queens that got married recently, to get to know about the latest trends and colors, you got to have some heavy stone jewelry contrasting your dress! Heavy emerald necklace will just do nicely with pastels and silver stones will go just seamlessly with the bold colors!

Spring Wedding Bell Season: Spring is the time when there's love in the air and nature blesses us with a riot of colors and fresh  beginnings!
Let's take a walk through the gardening blossoming styles, soft fabrics that sing a sweet melody of friendship!

Blooming Styles: Step into the bloom season of spring with a little chill in the air which offers the perfect weather for the day!

Think of flowing silhouettes adorned with floral appliques capturing the essence of your years of friendship! Embrace pieces that are soft yet elegant giving a touch of nod to the gentle breeze of the season.

Consider inclusions such as mirror work and laces to add charm and femininity to your look. Whether it's a lehenga or a gown cascading down like a waterfall, spring is your canvas to write your picture perfect friendship tale!

Fabric Choices: Choose fabrics that are as light and joyful as the season itself. Imagine yourself walking in a room full of people, making way behind the bride with an air full of serenity and blessedness in fabrics such as chiffon, perfect flowing fabrics with a variety of great prints and thread work for the perfect wedding picture. 

Organza is another fabulous choice which adds a crisp touch to your attire. 

Of course silk is a go to for all the festivities with its richness in color and look. Paired with the right accessories and voila!

Color Palette: When the world around you blossoms just as the season, you would want to choose something that is just right and makes you look and feel different for your bestie’s big day! Step away from the conventional colors of red and green and embrace the love for pastels.

Don't be afraid to incorporate floral patterns or accents in gentle hues, crafting a look that is fresh and vibrant as a warm spring morning!

Colors and Fabrics just don't define your look but they also define your mood!
So when choosing any fabric or color, make sure you feel comfortable and confident in it!
Witnessing the holy and serene events of a friend’s big day is a once in a lifetime moment and you want it to be nothing but perfect!
Step into the wedding season with these insights and I am sure you would find your perfect picturesque dress!


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