Sustainable Fashion: Eco-Friendly Dresses You'll Love

Sustainable Fashion: Eco-Friendly Dresses You'll Love

Fast fashion has dramatically transformed the clothing industry, but not for the better. Behind every article of clothes in a store lies an industry that depletes the Earth's scarce resources while exploiting the labor force in its garment factories. This sector generates enormous waste by depleting healthy soil, contaminating fresh water supplies, polluting the air we breathe, polluting our oceans, destroying forests, and harming ecosystems and the health of their biodiversity. 

However, the globe is becoming increasingly environmentally concerned, particularly in the garment industry. Sustainable fashion has been steadily growing over the last decade, and it now appears to be on the verge of exploding. This will result in numerous changes in the sector, ranging from packaging to consumer spending.

What does Sustainable Fashion mean anyway?

Sustainable fashion is a method by which manufacturers develop apparel that not only has a low environmental impact but also considers the people who work to make the outfits.

Simply said, it is apparel that is both ethically produced and environmentally beneficial.

All of this sounds straightforward, but being sustainable implies having additional overheads, which affects profit margins.

For the industry to become sustainable as a whole, consumers must be willing to pay more to help make the change, or at the very least, stop buying from brands that have no regard for the environment.

Regardless of what your background is, we can all agree on some really basic things—no one should die to make a T-shirt, and we shouldn't be pouring toxins into our planet.

In this blog, we will shed light on our most loved and appreciated eco friendly dresses that you will love too

  1. Sugar Burst Midi Dress:
    Get this Kareena Kapoor Khan glamorous look in a short white dress featuring a multicolored floral + paisley print in shades of red, pink and green.

The full-sleeved number also has a tasseled tie at the waist, which adds structure to the loose form. Our sugar dress is a great addition to your wardrobe because it is comfortable, adorable, and made of viscose. 

With colorful accessories like spectacular earrings and your favorite heels, the simple silhouette can be upgraded and made party-appropriate.

  1. Serene Silk Floral Long Kaftan with Inner:
    Make heads turn with this beautiful off white floral long kaftan.
    This satin kaftan with lining was created with the tastes of women of all ages in mind. This kaftan, which has a V-neckline, is an exceptional garment that every female should own. The elaborate border design of white laces adds to the overall appeal of the ensemble

    Indulge in the vibrant elegance of our "Dawn Pink & Orange Silk Kaftan Style Dress with Inner." This stunning ensemble seamlessly blends the richness of pure, natural fibers with the comfort of ethical trade practices. The luxurious silk fabric drapes gracefully, accentuating the kaftan style for a look that's both timeless and contemporary. This dress is a celebration of style, comfort, and conscious choices. Elevate your wardrobe with this ethically crafted masterpiece that effortlessly transitions from day to evening.

  2. Elegant Self Design Strapy Dress with Lace Work:
    Set foot in Barbie land with this serene off white dress. The dress is made of pure chanderi fabric with cotton lining and features self work and laces, making it a genuine eye-catcher. The graceful v-neckline, slender straps, and Barbie cut effortlessly elevate the dress, making it the perfect choice for intimate gatherings, small get-togethers, or stylish birthday parties. With a cotton lining ensuring comfort, this dress is not just an outfit; it's a statement of elegance. Embrace the exquisite craftsmanship and make a lasting impression at every event.

  3. Heavy Chanderi Silk High Low Ethnic Dress:
    Change the vibe from gloom to mood with our designer ethnic red dress. Crafted from luxurious chanderi silk and adorned with intricate embroidery, this dress is a celebration of elegance and tradition. The sleeveless design and striking high-low hem create a unique silhouette that is both modern and timeless. The vibrant color combination adds a touch of radiance, ensuring you stand out at any festive occasion. Elevate your beauty and make a memorable statement with this enchanting ethnic dress that effortlessly blends cultural grace with contemporary style.

  4. Pure Linen Yellow Midi Dress:
    Step into paradise with our Pure Linen Yellow Midi Dress—a timeless piece designed for effortless elegance. The dress features a flattering V-neck, exuding a classic charm that transcends trends. Cinch your waist with the oversized belt for a touch of modern flair. Perfect for summer parties, this versatile midi-dress seamlessly transitions from casual to chic. Pair it with your strappiest heels for a night out or opt for sandals and an oversized hat for a breezy beach look. Embrace the sun-soaked style and make a statement at any occasion with this must-have yellow linen midi-dress.

When people around you are going for unsustainable fashion, be the change and choose sustainable fashion with Handme! Save nature and nature will save you one day they say!
Choosing sustainable fashion is choosing a better future for you and your loved ones, a world with cleaner air, cleaner water and greener earth! 

Look elegant and set an inspiration to many with the above mentioned gorgeous and timeless pieces.


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