Whites in my wardrobe

If you are in the hunt for dresses to wear all year round, you should definitely consider white dresses. White garments are perfect for any occasion because they are very comfortable, elegant and easy to maintain. Besides being great to wear during summer, white dresses are also good year-round because you can team them up with various other clothing items depending on the look that you want to achieve at that particular time.

Spring Field Palazzo And Kurta Set
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Why I Love White

White never goes out of style, so you can wear it year after year. White dresses are great because they’re very light and breathable. You could even choose a white dress to wear to an important event if you want to look royal and elegant. Plus, wearing white never goes out of style! Even during colder seasons, you can pair your white dress with leggings or tights for added warmth.

White Mountain Enchantress Suit Set
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Cotton Linen Dresses

When it comes to comfortable and elegant white dresses, you can't go wrong with cotton linen. Dresses made of cotton and linen blend fabric ensure comfort as well as style. They're not only breathable but also easy to care for, despite their luxurious look.

Cotton Linen is a natural fiber that produces light clothing that keeps you cool during warm weather; however, it doesn't wrinkle easily which makes cotton and linen clothes an excellent choice for business trips and corporate functions as well as weddings and other special occasions.

Lurex: What's more exciting than white? White combined with glitter! Lurex is a thin metallic yarn used to create shimmering fabrics; it's typically used on jackets, pants or accessories like gloves or hats.

Foamy White Gold Anarkali Set
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Style it like a diva

This is one style tip that can make or break your outfit; be sure not to go overboard with too many accessories or else it can reduce your elegance by half! A single string of pearls around your neck, dangly earrings and minimal makeup works just fine if you’re an everyday diva.

Don’t forget that simplicity is key. Your outfits should never overshadow your elegance and class; therefore, avoid wearing anything with sparkles and shine because they can reduce your elegance.

Sleek and Classy White Kurta Set
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